National door lock and upgrade millet smart door lock 1s to sell 1099 yuan

When the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 1s is released at the beginning of the year, the small price of the industry is cut to a thousand yuan! Support 7 major open lock mode, use in-line C-class smart lock core, and the door lock, doorbell one is one small rice smart door lock, which has been considered a sales volume of millions, reliable and practical national door locks.

In recent days, Xiaomi’s family is more announced. The new millet smart door lock 1s matte gold color color full channel is officially pre-sold, to the hand price of 1099 yuan! The new color, upgrade features make it more worthy!

Compared with the initial generation, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 1s upgrade supports dual ecology, in addition to supporting rice home, also supporting Apple’s AppleHomekit, experience is more abundant.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 1S with Bluetooth gateway, open the door to enjoy the whole house, open the door to link different smart devices, such as the lights are automatically lit, the air conditioners are turned on, the curtains will pull the same.

In terms of safety, Xiaomi smart door lock 1s uses in-line lock core, the lock cylinder is penetrated, even if the front panel is destroyed, it is still a safe mechanical lock, using the industry’s highest security level C-class lock core, safety level higher.

In the unlocking mode, the millet smart door lock 1s is equipped with fingerprint unlock, password unlock, temporary password unlock, Bluetooth unlock, HOMEKIT unlock, NFC unlock, and key unlocking.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 1S fingerprint unlocking uses 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition, with financial grade Sweden PB fingerprint detection algorithm, which can effectively refuse fake fingerprints to bring higher security.

Fraunhofer ILT development intelligent maintenance train components 3D print sensor system

According to market observations in 3D Science Valley, researchers and industry participants are increasingly using 3D printing to improve and optimize sensor integration applications. The early popular application of this technology is a wearable electronic sensor, such as a "Jacquard" tab of Google, which can be attached to the daily necessities and give them motion sensing functions. Google’s ATAP department uses Stratasys’ Polyjet 3D printing technology to prototype the label, so that their wearer can control their mobile phones through some gestures.

3D printing is also used to produce other wearable technologies, such as piezoelectric drive electronics, as well as sleep monitoring "smart bed", embedded sensor drone and hydration sensor for remote crop monitoring, and the like. Recently, in accordance with the 3D Science Valley market, the German Aachen’s Fraunhofer ILT is developed a 3D print sensor system capable of intelligently maintaining the train components.

3D Classic Valley "3D Print and Electronic Products White Paper"

Artificial intelligent driven sensor system

Fraunhofer ILT works with industry partners, and uses the Federal Economic Affairs and Energy’s funds to develop SENSETRAIN – an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven sensor system, wirelessly continuously monitors 3D printing components.

? Aachen Fraunhofer ILT Fraunhof Laser Research Institute

Prospects for sensor integration technology include car door mechanisms, primary and yaw dampers and wheel-to-axis covered holes. The ultimate goal of the artificially intelligent driven sensor system is to issue signals that indicate whether replacement or maintenance is needed, and where to replace or repair it.

Monitor track parts using SENSETRAIN

SENSETRAIN is an efficiently intelligently monitoring the safety-related functionality of railway engineering, such as monitoring train doors and chassis components. Industry partners participating in the project with Fraunhofer ILT include component integration sensor developers ME-ME? System developers, predict system developers, Databaseys, and transportation software developers vedisys.

Partners launched the project in September 2021 and was committed to the development and optimization of Sensetrain. The project is carried out in Europe’s largest railway group DB technology capabilities, hoping to set the route network for the intelligent maintenance of the European railway.

In the end, the project hopes to develop a comprehensive approach, and will involve the train chassis and the sensor in the door, through 5G Contact the SAP system of the German Railway Co.,, and report defects before the defect.

Defective rail components can lead to operational delays and bring inconvenience to passengers. However, replacement in strict maintenance intervals is neither environmentally friendly. SENSETRAIN project partners want to solve these problems through their novel artificial intelligent drive sensor integration techniques.

? Aachen Fraunhofer ILT Fraunhof Laser Research Institute

Project partners are manufacturing sensor embedded components using laser powder bed solubility (LPBF) 3D printing technology. LPBF is paused at a particular point to construct a sensor to the part before continuing, allowing electronic components such as sensors and actuators to be integrated into metal parts.

Components identified as Sensetrain potential applications include door mechanisms, main dampers and yaw dampers, as well as a wheel-to-axis bearing clip that seals the wheel bearing housing. From the perspective of maintenance, the wheel to bearing cover is a key component because the increased load causes temperature rise and greater wear risk. Through Sensetrain, the temperature and acceleration sensor integrated in the cover can detect heat flow paths and why.

To ensure the success of the project, the Fraunhofer researchers have determined a large-scale payment database to optimize the AI ??sensor combination. Fraunhofer ILT Laser Research Institute scientists are using DB TrainLab to test new sensor techniques under real-world daily conditions. The information collected from the test will be used to train artificial intelligence before the partner starts testing the system in daily operations.

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Apple launched the first smart car after 4 years: no steering wheel, automatic driving, and many black technology

Apple is not secret in the industry. Whether you go to the car to dig people or registered a lot of patents, I have shown ambush of the apple.# Digital Technology News #

Recently, media reports said that Apple has completed the "most core work" for automatic driving a car, and prepared to put the chip in the real world to test. This will accelerate the project to advance, so that Apple is expected to launch the first smart car in 2025, which is more early 2027 than before engineers.

Everyone knows that Apple’s self-research chip performance is very strong, and the punch is playing high-end feet. There is no doubt that this car chip is also apple self-developed and can be used to run the automatic driving system. The maximum amount of computation may bring extremely high heat, so Apple requires an efficient cooling system to suppress fever.

Apple currently has a test vehicle composed of Lexus SUV not only for the US Vehicle Authority, but also many people have seen these vehicles on the road. Apple has a sensor in the car, used to test Apple’s related technical results and collect data, this chip will soon perform road test.

Not only the chip, but the crude fruit also brought a series of news about Apple car, today I chatted with everyone.

The first is the positioning of Apple. Now Tesla and other new energy cars have challenged the status of traditional cars, and Apple is challenging is the stream of Tesla, rather than becoming Tesla. So Apple is to do is a fully automated car, and it is also part of our most expectation.

In order to realize automatic driving, Apple will install a lot of laser radar on the car, which is used to "observe" surrounding road conditions and vehicles, and the chip is calculated, and the control steering system will respond. Laser radar is currently used to improve imaging quality and establish space models on high-end iPhone and iPad Pro. Apple is negotiating with four laser radar vendors, aiming to reduce the cost of laser radar, it is reported that the current car laser radar has dropped below tens of thousands of US dollars below a thousand dollars.

After the automatic driving, Apple may go to the steering wheel "more" parts, the space inside the car will be very spacious, a bit like an electric car startup company Canoo’s Lifestyle, passengers can sit in the car in the car, if they still retain the master Driving bits, sitting on the top, can’t touch the steering wheel, will not be a bit.

Canoo’s Lifestyle internal space

Regarding the way of charging, many netizens have made false pictures, no matter what the ancestral lightnning, or "elegant" mouse charging, no one is deeply vomiting for Apple, the crimist is also very admiring the imagination of netizens Forces and ideas.

Don’t say, Apple really registered a patent. As can be seen from the patent map, this device can be adjusted within a certain range, automatically align the car charging port. With the automatic driving, the vehicle will automatically find the charging pile to charge the charging pile, and save us to go to the garage.

Apple’s car automatic charging patent map Apple car window is also a sense of technology. You can use AR to projection around the window, let the ride more immersive. Apple has also developed AR shock absorbing technology, and the Ar glasses can offset the vibration of the vehicle to reduce the discomfort time, and everyone will not be caught in the future.

In addition, Apple has a number of patents on the window adjustment into the light, air conditioning system, and the inner touch system. As for Apple, will apply these patents, we will wait and see.

After Apple and BYD and Ningde Times, Apple is undergoing a new type of battery, which is defined inside to "next level", like we see the iPhone in the first time. According to reports, Apple wants to remove the compartment between the battery and the battery, making the entire battery a huge "single cell" battery to increase the battery capacity.

It seems that Apple cars seem to be good, but actually good things, the whole process can be said to be a wave of three fold.

Apple has invested a lot for car projects, which has been set up in 2014 and is named "Project Titan". In the beginning, Apple has built a team, also dug a lot from Tesla and Ford. However, the project has no substantial progress, Apple is even mismark is "Tesla’s grave", and excellent Tesla employees will become mediocre.

Since the project progresses too slow, and the internal development direction of the project is distortion, the personnel changes in the car team executives are extremely frequent. There have been 4 executives to leave within a year, which is very exaggerated for Apple, Cook can’t sit.

At present, the person in charge of the automobile team is the vice president of Apple Technology Kevin Lynch, and he has led the team to develop Apple Watch from zero. Given that Apple Watch has become an apple’s core product, the car team thinks that Lynch’s arrival is a positive signal.

Kevin Lynch, Vice President of Apple Technology

In addition, Apple also hired a lot of a lot of auto industries.

In December 2020, Apple hired a Porsche Harfred Harrer, he owned a chassis design expertise. Harrer is considered to be one of the best engineers of the Volkswagen, who served as a Porsche chart before the supervision of the Cayenne product line.

Before Porsche Hoist Manfred Harrer

In June 2021, Apple hired the former BMW executives and automatic driving car startup enterprises founder Ulrich Kranz joined the team. The CANOO mentioned earlier is created by Kranz. Before creating Canoo, Kranz helped develop BMW’s i3 and i8 vehicles, working for BMW 30 years.

Canoo founder ULRICH KRANZ

In recent weeks, Apple also hired Volvo’s climate system experts, Davaler’s manager, Karma Automotive Co., Ltd. and other car manufacturers’ battery engineers, General Motors Cruise LLC sensor engineers System of automobile safety engineers and other multi-engineers of Tesla.

With many big blessings, I believe that Apple can quickly overcome technical difficulties. Of course, in addition to technology, Apple is also facing some other issues.

Because there is no experience in the car, and the car production line is very complicated, Apple is difficult to build its own production line. Perhaps Apple never thought about building its own production line, after all, Apple’s other products were completed by the foundry. Therefore, Apple is very likely to cooperate with traditional car manufacturers. There are rumors that Apple has explored automatic driving vehicles with modern depth. Later, the modern statement did not have related cooperation. It seems that cooperation with modernity is to tell, and it is also possible to cooperate still in the secret.

In addition to modern, Apple has also been looking for Nissan, but did not go deep into the executive level. Nissan worried that Apple will become a simple hardware supplier. This fear is not reasonable, and it is well known that Apple has strong control of the supply chain and has a super-bargaining ability. Apple wishes to fully control the design and software of the car, and Nissan said that it is not intended to change the way the car is manufactured. If traditional car companies help Apple achieve automatic driving cars, and Apple does not share technology, the influence is more than one, but the whole traditional automotive industry. Saturring is full of donden, Nissan still thinks very well.

And Apple has to make a car, traditional car companies are competitive objects, and the peers are the family, and the cooperation is easy. Have you seen Xiaomi and Huawei cooperation mobile phone? Although automakers are worried that they become Foxconn, Foxconn is not worried about becoming Foxconn (prohibiting the ban.). According to November 11, Foxconn acquired a car factory in Ohio, USA, which may be used in Apple


Foxconn acquisition of automotive factory

Kang Kang really is an apple’s good friend, your idea, I am realizing, even if it is a production line. Of course, Kang Kang must also see the new air in the automotive industry.

Automatic driving will rescue people from boring driving, will eliminate fatigue driving and road killers, but also let us have more time to make meaningful things. The extreme fruit is even thinking that there may be no driver’s license in the future, remember the scene of the coach ridicule, I really envy the young people.

It not only affects our travel mode, but also affects the driver industry. If the automatic driving is a trend, the many taxi drivers can only have a living. "Drive" will only be a movement of drivers and enthusiasts. So we still have to constantly learn, otherwise I can not be replaced by the machine.

If the traditional car company cannot follow up, it will be greatly impacted, just like the impact of the entity, the mobile payment of the impact of the bank. Now Tesla’s market value has transcended a traditional car company, and it is believed that the impact of Apple will be even more huge.

The extreme fruit is considered to drive a car from ordinary consumers, and there is a very long way to go. First of all, the safety of automatic driving cannot be guaranteed, and it is also necessary to wait for the introduction of relevant regulations. The popularity of new technologies also takes time, the price of the front of the vehicle will definitely kidney pain. But in any case, we all look forward to technological innovation. Whether it is Apple or other companies, it is a breakthrough in our entire humanity.

Paper file management five questions, Jianye technology smart file cabinet helps enterprise crack puzzle

File traditional management mode FAQ:

Paper documents act as an important resource of the company, the management and use of paper documents, affects enterprise management and development.

First, the necessity of paper files make it unable to replace electronic files. Even if it is scanned as an electronic file, a paper archive is also required as a credential, and it is possible to check. Therefore, companies generally manage paper files, numbered. But the flow of documents, access, storage, and inventory are still difficult, and it is more difficult to use traditional management means real-time control.

Paper files are losing, more and chaotic, find difficult, easy to disclose, etc., so that companies are inevitable during development because of improper document management, resulting in low work efficiency, consuming human resources, and even suffering.

For the common problem of document management, the construction technology intelligent file cabinet will discuss the actual work:

1. Q: The leadership is in business, and the approval of the borrowing documents can’t go. What should I do?

A: Use the Jianye Technology Intelligent File Cabinet, apply for approval online, and promote work anytime, anywhere.

Use the document wisdom management platform, online submission, approval personnel can open "Pocket Office" anytime, anywhere, etc. After approval, the applicant can go to the smart file cabinet, follow the prompts, self-service documents.

2, ask: What should I do if the document management personnel get off work?

A: Self-help access file, smart file cabinet provides 24-hour hot service.

The access to the intelligent smart file cabinet is very simple, no need to care. After the management platform passes the approval, the corresponding documents have been pushed to the smart file cabinet. The user inputs the authorization code, the Gold is automatically popped, the file is lit, follow the light, no need to go, you can self-service. When the file is returned, the file is aligned with the automatic identification area. After the identification is successful, the grouse is automatically popped, and the file can be placed.

3. Q: What should I do if I can’t find a project procurement contract a year ago?

A: There is a strip of a massive document well without a remark, and you can quickly find it.

By binding a dedicated AirRFID chip, the paper file forms information data like electronic documents, and can be managed online, inventory. In the management platform, you can search for the required documentation by the corresponding keywords such as name, time. After completing the approval, quickly receive in the smart file cabinet according to the three-lamp mode: the cabinet, gigma, and files in the file will be lit, no need to go.

4. Q: There are too many files, which is still borrowed, is not clear, what should I do?

A: Virtual online smart file cabinet, power efficient management.

Document smart management platform, can form a virtual smart file cabinet to achieve remote dynamic management. Administrators can view all the file stores in the computer, borrow dynamics, and perform real-time inventory. In an emergency, the administrator can also unlock it through the background.

5. Q: The document management room is always from people, some important documents are not tried insured, what should I do?

A: The lock of the smart file cabinet is only authorized to open, and only the documentation passed by the approval.

Previously, the file cabinet is difficult to divide the browsing permission of the document, as long as the opening can see and get all the files, the risk is large. Now, Jianye Technology Smart File Cabinet, add intelligent lock for the file. Received each time you receive the authorization code, only the grid of the application file will be bounced, and the other GD file cannot touch. If the extracted file is not an application file, it will be submitted back. If you don’t return it, the system will automatically push the alarm to notify the manager.

In addition, the smart file cabinet is strong, the top has a high-definition camera, 24-hour monitoring record, can be found online.

Although paper files cannot be replaced by electronic files, traditional management models can be upgraded to digitally intelligent file management.Intelligent File Cabinet in Shanghai Jianye Information Technology Co., Ltd.It is through the form of intelligent management platform + intelligent terminal, helping enterprises to manage paper files efficiently and accurately. A intelligent corporate document management system can promote the development of contemporary enterprises.

Enterprises Bind paper documentsDedicated AirRFID chipMissing in a smart file cabinet. By Internet access, artificial intelligence technology, the management system built into the smart file cabinet can perform real-time control of paper documentation. Each document is received and returned, and information such as document stocks will be uploaded synchronously, and managers can check it out at any time. Product uniqueEmailTechnologies help users quickly find somarily.

Is LA2 really a NPU chip of Lenovo self-developed?

TechWeb text / Schr?dinger

Recently, some media will be referred to as "self-developing chips" in the article, and the chip is classified as "NPU" chip. So Lenovo really self-developed this chip? Is this chip really "NPU" chip?

Self-research and "chip"

"Self-research" and "chip" are actually two problems. The first question, LA2 is "self-research"? The second question, is LA2 "chip"?

With regard to the first question, Jia Zhaohui, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, made a introduction at the Lenovo Innovation Technology Conference. Jia Zhaohui said: "Lenovo LA2 intelligent embedded controller, by Lenovo independent design, joint development, original heterogeneous core hybrid architecture, support for sensor fusion, achieving efficient and fast intelligence and intelligent control."

As for the self-research, I believe that the officials have read the "independent design, joint development", and have a judgment.

The second question is a chip?

As can be seen from the promotional card given by Lenovo official, Lenovo officially defines LA2 as "smart embedded controller".

On the official publicity poster of Yoga Pro14S (Yoga Slim 7) Carbon Ruilong version of 14 inches, LA2 is defined as "hardware-level security encryption wisdom aware special chip". Therefore, at least when the company is later sold, it is indeed defined as "chip".

LA2 function

For a chip, it can be called "NPU" chip, we have to see if its function meets the characteristics of NPU chips.

At the Lenovo Innovation Technology Conference, Jia Zhaohui introduced this: he uses information such as voltage current and power consumption within the computer as input data, combined with multilayer neural network algorithm, achieving accurate scene identification, real-time performance optimization and intelligence Input and output control.

Lenovo LA2 intelligent embedded controller makes the beliefs, the hands of God, and superpower, such intelligent settings are achieved in saving computers.

Introduction to Jia Zhaohui, we can see the general function of la2. From the perspective of the user: LA2 realizes the function of faith, God and superpower.

"Belief Light" is the "smart screen light synchronization" function of Lenovo saver laptop, which can really identify the color of the screen screen, realize the intelligent synchronization of the body atmosphere light and screen color tones, membramental entertainment and reality border, for users Bring stronger immersion, truly experience immersive.

"God’s Hand" is the second generation of saver original keyboard, the world’s first introduction of intelligent inductance, accurately identifying the pressure generated by 256 level users to press the keyboard. Built-in adaptive pressure algorithm, actively learn user keyboard usage habits, and execute instructions. For example, the user can perform "walk", "run" and "quick run", without the need to use complex combination keys.

"Super Power" is based on a new upgrade of smart beast mode, CPU and GPU power consumption can be dynamically set; in several milliseconds, savers can help users reach the optimal frame number; the number of frames can increase by 8% to 13%, A graphics card level.

From the perspective of technology implementation: LA2 can detect information such as voltage current and power consumption to identify the use scenario of the computer, adjust the computer according to the result of the identification (for example, adjust the power consumption of the CPU and the graphics to achieve better performance) .

If the short point says: LA2’s function is to make intelligence adjustments after smart sense.

Is LA2 really NPU chip?

The function of LA2 is now clear, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the NPU chip.

The embedded neural network processor (NPU) uses the "data-driven parallel computing" architecture, especially good at massive multimedia data for processing video, image classes. That is to say, a chip is to be called "NPU" must be good at handling a neural network algorithm and has a specific hardware structure.

The official mentioned three main points when introducing LA2: The first is to use the original heterogeneous core mixing architecture, and the second is based on sensor fusion technology, and the third is combined with multilayer neural network algorithm.

Some students may see the word "Neural Network Algorithm" directly as a NPU chip. However, according to Lenovo in the conference, LA2 is more like "used" neural network algorithm. The definition of NPU chips is to "good at" neural network algorithm. Therefore, it is not rigorous to define LA2 as an NPU chip according to the current official introduction.

There are currently many kinds of chips in the industry, such as single chip microcomputers, FPGAs, etc.

From the other two points, we can analyze that this chip is combined by a plurality of different small chips, and there is a module that is processed for data acquired by the sensor.

In view of the name of the "Embedded Controller" given in the officially given, LA2 is likely to be a chip mainly based on EMCU (Embedded MicroController Unit, Embedded MicroController Unit, Embedded Microcontroller) or MCU (MicroController Unit, Microcontrollers).


If a chip is just because the neural network algorithm is used as NPU chip, the NPU chip in this world is too much.

For example, in the current MCU area, we can calculate the algorithm by a series of tools, based on the preliminary mathematics of neural networks, to realize the mapping of neural networks, thereby implementing the manual intelligence in the MCU end.

ST (STMic) has also played a lot of slogans many times "Let Most STM32 products support AI deep learning." So can these STM32 chips are called NPUs?

For example, the eleventh smart Intel Core processor has built-in artificial intelligence assistance acceleration. It is a chip, and it has artificial intelligence, then it should be a AI chip from "genre"? But in fact, most people think it is a CPU chip.

So good-looking keyboard, I can’t help but come to kneel – Luofei Xiaoqi Creative mechanical keyboard


As a non-tone of the work of the game, I have been tired of "black and hard" desktop keyboard, so I have been looking for a practical and conforming to my aesthetic keyboard. The feeling of Luo Fei bunted to me has always been "the ceiling of the value". The red-colored dot mouse and keyboard has always made me remember, and this small Taxi Creative mechanical keyboard this year becomes a burst product I really want to know which surprises can be given in use on the basis of color value and playability.


From the small bags of the small, you have already felt the rich design atmosphere, and the oil painting diagram even makes me feel that it will be an art, the unique gift box packaging brings full ritual and sincerity, look The keyboard is expecting from the package.

Xiao Xiao’s true performance can be sprouting from the packaging. One second, Luo Fei gives a taja accessory with a Type-C charging line, three section 7 batteries, one metal frame, a spare keycap, two cushions and Several use instructions, quite rich.

This small tune creative mechanical keyboard has 69 keys and 101 keys. This experience is only for the Touch 69 keypad, which has a size of approximately 310x109x51.5mm. The weight is 728g. The keyboard body uses ABS material, keycap It is a universal PBT, and the overall pale yellow original color is called tofu color.

Thanks to the 69-key, it is very compact layout and narrow edge design. Tap has such a "small figure" can also give the desktop more space, the letters on the keyboard are designed very much, large to occupy the key cap The area. Xiaoqiao did not locate female users like a Riffei dot keyboard.

From the back of the keyboard, it looks at the material and the workmanship, the whole parallel panel is extremely consistent, and the texture is like large particle sand. The design of the Lofe Tsuen is in a "warping" word, the body has 9 ° tilted, with the wrist to reduce the intensiveness of the traditional keyboard operation, which is both a profile, which is both a profile. Features: Extracted, play the world.

Here, there is a tight design that replaces the foldable mat, not only as a functional mat, but the knob on the left can switch the keyboard using the mode mode, the Type-C port is used for wire control, so that the point is pushing the right On the side hidden battery bin, it also accommodates a 2.4G receiver, but why should it be so long? More inconvenient.

The Local Taxie is more concerned about its customary service, and Luo Fei has customized a variety of theme keycaps, tube, melon, milk tea, milk yellow, purple potato, mint, sesame paste. Chocolate These "tastes" can always meet individuals favorite, while marble, there is no bad heart, the Van Master is very high, the beach party and what’s up literary revival, how can these five subject keycaps? .

Customizable keyboards can have an immersive custom experience in the "Life Diy Home".


Details to see the keycap belong to the "SA ball cap" design of Lofe, the PBT material makes each keycap hand feel fine, and the 0.65mm chamfer will not have a cut hand, and the moderate concave treatment is 90%. Touch the area, more improved use, suitable for Asian hands.

The only indicator on the keyboard is in the CAPS position, not only on the uppercase lock, not only on the keyboard, the switch will be shiny.

Luofei La Tsui uses a domestic red shaft and supports hot swapping. For me for me, the use of red axes is completely new experience, which is more than any paragraph, more than any paragraph, more There is no sound of the sound, the standard 2mm keyword, straight down, as the user’s use is the most appropriate, the disadvantage may be feedback too soft.

Generally, the keypad is more than the 69-key column. The 68-key, the small warp is probably fn, the FN + digital button in the upper right corner triggers the multimedia key, such as Fn + 1/2 screen brightness increase / minus / minus And the FN + digital button of the lower left corner corresponds to the F1 functional implementation of Windows, and the 69-key keypad cannot achieve the corresponding functionality of the Fn + F1 / F2 … under Windows. When using it, it is a bit loose, really a little tofu.

The replacement of the keycap is comes, and the A district has a favorite food taste in the "Tofu" of the show, there is always a colorful can touch your taste bud; the B area theme keycap and solid color key, but also the free matching experience. Mola. The culmetic keycap material in the A area is not blessing, but the green is dark, there is no expectation, it is recommended to purchase the customer service to check the real shot map, F1 and other characters have left the side position of the digital button. Label.

In the subject keycap, I am most interested in what’s up literary revival, but the goods have never selected light marble, and the color of each keycap is not the same, so that the overall view of the keyboard is no longer single. Compared with the original keycap, the five-sided hot rising coating process is more convenient, more like girls, characters "Meet Interesting Self" in the space.

Small warning has Bluetooth and 2.4G to receive two wireless connections and Type-C, in which the Bluetooth mode can connect up to three devices, that is to say, the cable connection is up to five devices, and Seamlessly switched between each device, the MAC device is also overview, so the user who has multiple devices and the user who need to switch between various devices can help master the entire desktop.

Let me think that Luo Fei Tsuen does not have a built-in battery but uses three-section No. 7 battery work, so that I am very disappeared, is it so difficult? Therefore, the little tuning farewell to the gorgeous keyboard backlight, or the value can also improve. The officially known Taxi Mount Automatic Energy Saving Technology can extend the battery’s use, that is, the small non-usage time is automatically switched to the sleep mode, and then the keyboard is wake up, even if it is different from different users. The use of the use of three batteries is only enough to maintain the use of small 6-6 weeks, so if it is necessary to choose a charging battery for convenience and economy or it is recommended.

The metal frame in the official accessories is used to put these Longli dolls. This set of Longli blind box is divided into 7 fish, gossip, etc., these decorations on the keyboard are quite interesting, there is Longli, not lonely . There is also a keyboard gap. It is recommended to be cleaned. It is recommended to configure a dust cover.

Such a keyboard set: Luofei Tsui Mechanical keyboard 69 key official price 399 yuan (101 key is 499 yuan), a set of cuishan key caps 99 yuan, a set of marble theme key caps 149 yuan, total The price is around 650 yuan, there is a little price, but it will often have preferential activities, and of course the keyboard is not necessarily purchased. For boys and festivals, they have given gifts, let girlfriends also experience the enjoyment of the fun of digital products as boys.

Alternatively, a good guy, I got the Tmall flagship store of the Tmall in the Tmall, which was sold separately, 3 99 yuan, then only buy the main key cap, can not be 30 Ha, more When I saw someone spent 30 yuan, I saw a metal rack, which is the small iron piece of the Longli doll, and Luo Fei will do business (making money), small and "cost performance" are still some distance.


The Rocco Tsuen’s Creative Mechanical Keyboard is the first simple guest-based keyboard I used. It is designed to tell "small tun" very identified, and the fuselage is amplified by Luofei’s "keyboard design aesthetics". "Harmony" out of the new trick, each colored keycap makes users will never produce tired of "small", and the red axle tumbling of the function is more suitable for productive tools. I have a good-looking practical keyboard. I can’t help but take it. Come. Enjoy the fun of "Little" body.

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Viewpoint Web 3.0 will provide the underlying foundation for the development of the Yuan universe

Author: Dingxin Innovation Fund Partner Wang Yuehua, Richard Wang, General Partner of DraperDragon Fund

Speech at Nucb Business School, 11/18

It’s my pleasure to present here and to share my thinking and some ideas about the digital ID. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Richard Wang, and I was also an entrepreneur back to almost 10 years ago. In 2011, I started to work for Draper Dragon, which is a typical and traditional venture capital firm with the headquarter in Silicon Valley, Bay Area. Since then, I have spent my last 11 years into the venture capital business. We are a typical USD Fund, And We Also Have offices in China, And We Have Our Rmb Fund As Well.

I am honored to conduct this lecture at the block chain origin seminar, share some views of my digital identity. First, I briefly introduce myself, my name is Richard, I have been born as an entrepreneur about ten years ago, and in 2011, I joined the Deding Innovation Fund, which is a traditional venture capital fund located in Silicon Valley. From then Start, I started to join the past 12 years of venting career. Ding Ding Innovation Fund is a typical US dollar fund and has offices in China and RMB funds.

We actually focus on three different areas, which are TMT, healthcare since 2006, and blockchain since 2014, respectively. Our footprint is quite broad, as for the TMT field, we have invested in quit a lot biotech companies, semiconductor companies and technology companies . in the healthcare field, we do have a lot of medical devices companies as well as some companies specialized in developing therapy methods for some specific diseases. It has been 7 years since we’ve invested in the blockchain area, including the crypto and digital assets. Talking more about the blockchain, we own over 60 portfolios today, including Coinbase, which is the largest regulated exchange in the world. And also, Ledger, which is the number one cold wallet company worldwide. We also invested in Telegram in 2018 Before, I Believe Some of You May Know About Telegram, Which Was a Very Popular Decentralized and Encrypted Messenger Platform. But Unfortunately, Because of Some Regulations of the US Sec (Securities And Exchange Commission, The Investors of Telegram Were Forced to EXIT. Anyhow, WE Do Have a Lot of Experience In The Blockchain Area.

Deding Innovation Fund is an active investor in the field of TMT, healthcare and block chain. We have been investing in the area of ??the block chain in 2014, covering companies from encryption and digital assets in the 7 years of the 7 years, we have more than 60 projects in the area chain, including the largest license encryption currency transaction Platform coinbase, the world’s first cold wallet Ledger. In 2018, we also voted a popular decentralized, fully fully equipped cross-platform instant messaging software Telegram, I believe that you may have something to hear, but because of the US Securities Exchange Commission, all investors have to Exit investment. All in all, we have a wealth of experience in the area of ??the block chain investment.

Today, we are still interested in Layer 1 and Layer 2. While on top of that, there is something called Layer 0, it is all about protocol-related projects, which serve as the infrastructure for the blockchain. Currently, we are also interested in NFT, DeFi, GamFi, Metaverse concept projects, to name a few. Speak of NFT, we have approximately 8 portfolios so far, including some very good Marketplace companies in the USA. in brief, all those companies and their products are supposed to Be supported by Web 3.0.

At present, we are still very interested in the project of Layer 1 and Layer 2, in addition, there is a Layer 0 including the agreement-related project. It plays the role of the block chain. We continue to pay attention to NFT, Projects in DEFI, GAMFI and Yuan Universe, we currently have an investment portfolio of 8 NFTs, including some very good US NFT Marketplace trading platform. All of these companies and their products are based on Web 3.0.

People talk a lot about the metaverse as well as Web 3.0. I would say that the metaverse is quite likely to be a new and innovative lifestyle for human beings in the near future. For example, in 3 to 5 years you are supposed to see numerous metaverse concept projects, then in 1 to 2 decades, these metaverse concept projects are expected to be more mature and much better. Overall, all those things need to be built based on the infrastructure of Web 3.0.

Nowadays, the Universe and Web 3.0 have become a hot topic. I think that the Yuanyuan in the future in the future may bring a new, creative lifestyle. For example, in 3 or 5 years, everyone is very likely to see the birth of a series of metamodes. After more than 120 years, these projects will become more mature and perfect, which is undoubtedly the bottom layer provided in Web 3.0. Based on the construction.

There are three key factors throughout Web 3.0. The first one is Artificial Intelligence, which we have already witnessed in our daily life through all kinds of applications embedded machines and chips, you may get a glimpse of the beauty of the AI ??Algorithm. In the future, the tiny algorithm needs to be embedded into the protocol. For example, in blockchain, we talk about smart-contract which is ‘smart’ and is even expected to be more intelligent later on. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence will be one of the Very Key Factors for Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 has three key factors. The first is artificial intelligence (AI), we can feel the exquisiteness of AI including intelligent algorithms through some machines or chips, in the future, these subtle algorithms need to be embedded and internalized Among the protocols. For example, in the block chain, we often mention the intelligent contracts in the future, it is more than just "intelligence", and it will become more "wisdom". Therefore, AI is one of the core elements of Web 3.0.

The second factor is edge computing. Nowadays, a lot of information has been stored in the cloud, which represents social and mobile, and is a critical part for Web 2.0. While in web 3.0 we have edge computing instead of the clouding in Web 2.0 . So why the edge computing is going to be more and more important? Because in the future, everything is at the edge side, at the terminal side, at the personal side, even at each single device side is going to related with the digital ID, and is going to be more and more important. Therefore, you will require more and more computing and distributed storage as well. Clearly, the edge computing is becoming more and more crucial, and that would be a very basic feature and factor for Web 3.0 TOO.

The second core element is the edge calculation. Now many information is uploaded on the cloud, cloud service combines socialization and removability, which is a key element of Web 2.0. The edge calculation corresponding to it in Web 3.0 is increasingly reflected in its importance. The reason is that in the shortcomings, the edge, the terminal, or the individual, or even the individuals, each device, will be closely related to the digital identity. Thus the demand for calculation and distributed storage is also more prominent. The importance of the edge calculation is growing, and it is no doubt that it is also one of the foundations of Web 3.0.

The third one, I would say it might be the most important one, the so-called distributed data network. Why distributed data network? In web 3.0, every single data either generated or created by different notes, objects, people or different entities come From distributed network. That’s The Fundamental Elements of Web 3.0.- Ai, The Edge Computing and Distributed Data on The Network.

The third is also the most important element I think is a distributed data network. why? Each of the data contained in different devices, or by people, the data created by people, is derived from a distributed network, which is the basis for constituting the Web 3.0. As a result, the distributed data on the network is the three key factors of Web 3.0.

Then people think about what is the other fundamental factor in Web 3.0 that serve as infrastructure. That is digital ID. When a person was born, he got a name, or saying, ID, even if it’s a very stupid name. ID is very basic in the digital world, all it is about is one thing which we call as ‘certificate’. This certification is bound with something such as data or a human being. Digital ID is certificate, but actually it’s not just ID itself, it is data certificate in web 3.0. If you think about people’s ID, the ID means somebody, but in digital world, the ID means data certificate. This data is going to show who you are, where you are from, and also where you’re Going to.

In addition, people will also think about other basic elements that make up Web 3.0, ie the digital identity (digital ID). When people are born, the name has a ID, even if the funny name does not affect it as the ID function. Similarly, the ID is in the digital world, in Web 3.0 also playing the most basic function, and the ID is actually referring to "Digital Voucher", which is bound to people or data, which can further show who you are, you From where come, where are you going.

The data is so important, those data generated or created from you is the interaction between you and other people so as well other things. Those data which is going to prove who you are is all about you. So, what is the ID? Again , it is the certificate which presents a best way to prove ‘who you are’ for the reason that it is unique, specific, validated and valuable. The data comes from you without anybody else knows could be nothing but something valuable. But we need To select What Kind of Data We are Going to Contribute, Keep and Merge. Those Data, Again, IS Not Only Part of You, But The Basic and Fundamental Things for the Digital ID.

The data is very important, whether it is from you itself or created by you, it represents your communication interaction between you with different people. These are coming from you, and the data you know can only prove "who you are", based on its value and uniqueness, verifiable, and variability, this ID, "credentials", Is it able to prove that "who you are", or how you want to present the best way to "who you are". In order to achieve this effect, we need to screen data to provide, save, and fuse, which is the most fundamental and most basic part of the digital ID.

You may hear about people talking about the so-called metadata, which is every single data originally create or generate from you through the interactions with other things and other people. It is quite important because the metadata is about you, to be more specific, your ID. Think about it, nowadays, it is the police who proves who you are. But in the future world, in Web 3.0, in the metaverse world, it should not be the police to prove who you are but the metadata authorized by all the different distributed entities, by all different people and different organizations. A single data may only prove part of who you are. However, if you merge them, they 99% can prove of you, and that is enough.

You may have heard so-called "metadata", which is generated in your interaction with different people. Metadata is very important because it represents you, that is, your ID. I want to think about it, now the police can prove your identity, but in the future, in the WEB 3.0, in the Yuan Universe, prove that your identity is no longer the police but is metadata by different distributed individual authentication. These individual data may only partially prove your identity, but they can prove 99% identity after they integrate them. This is enough.

Then what is the data we’re talking about? Again, it refers to the distributed data from all the interactions between you and other people as well as other things (or nodes). Actually, it is not only in the case that human’s interactions with people and things can generate data. Taking a wide imagination, not just a human beings got IDs but also an object (or machine) is supposed to own an ID. Take the self-driving car as an example. The self-driving car as a machine can also have ID because each car is different. There would be no human being as so-called owners for self-driving cars in the future, however, the car can be his own individual entity. Suppose a car is going to be produced by a car factory with a commitment to repay the loan which provides the capital for the production in 3 years. After the production was completes, the self-driving car is going to easily make its own living by picking up whatever the passenger it Wants. Then, The Carg Got The Money, The Crypto, The Token or some kind of digital assets, therefore it can go to the charge station for power. In this way the car is supposed to get some return and pay back the loan to the car factory. That’s exactly how a self-driving car exists without a human being as an owner. each car is different with each other, such as they are able to travel in different ways with different passengers. So each car is unique thus it needs its own ID, in the way of the digital ID (again, IT is all about data). Therefore, Digital ID is Available for Both Human and Machines in The Metaverse World Base on Web3.0 in The Future.

The data we talked here refers to distributed data that is interactive with others or objects, but in fact, these data can not be derived from the interaction between people and the outside, or can be derived from. Please make an idea, not only the person can have ID, and the object can also have ID. For example, there is no traditional sense in the future, which can be exist independently. When a automatic driving car promise will repay the debt of the factory in the factory in 3 years, after completing the production, the car can decide which passengers can carry out which passengers are equipped with income, ie encrypted currency or login or some digital assets, to add "Oil" station purchases energy, which is reciprocated, and the car can obtain profits and pay debt to the factory. Each automatic driving car is different, they travel with different routes, equipped with different passengers, so each unique car needs to have their own identity in the form of a digital ID. From this point of view, the Web3.0-based digital ID is suitable for people and things in the future.

Let’s go back to the data generated or created by people, in the future digital economic system, these data can be merged and used either in a synthesized way, or be separated and just partially used to fulfill some specific tasks. In that case, you might be able to create not only some new business models, but also new business paradigms, because not every task is going to ask for all your information. Therefore, the ID carried certain assets and value, which includes not only money that in financial way But Also Data Itself, Which is The Real Infrastructure.

Among the data generated or created by people, these data can be used as a comprehensive overall, or a part of certain projects can also be used. Thus, in future virtual economic architectures, data can be split or fused as needed, in which case we look forward to referring to some new business models, more new business paradigms appear, Because a project does not use your information. Therefore, the ID carrying a certain asset has played the role of the infrastructure. Assets here refer not only to financial currencies, the data itself is also an asset.

Again, think of the self-driving cars, it can contribute a lot of valuable data about the traffic, even just patrol when driving by itself without any passengers. This self-driving car owns digital ID and it carries assets. Please take this as an example and try to open your mind, you’re going to think about a lot more interesting ideas to hook up with the digital ID things. Anyway, ID is so basic, fundamental and critical, numerous different business paradigms can be created through merging OR Separating the ID data.

In the example of the automatic driving car, whether or not the car is equipped with passengers, it can contribute a lot of valuable data for other aspects of transportation, or even oil prices, and such a automatic driving car with independent digital ID Some assets. Through these examples, maybe you can open your thinking and connect more interesting ideas with the digital ID. In short, ID is an essential fundamental, and the new business paradigm will be born in blend or split ID data.

In the case of a metaverse scenario, the importance of the digital ID can be imagined according to what I have just mentioned above. Taking the human being as another example. I’m currently 50 years old, I can create an artificially virtual Richard, or saying, a virtually digital ID, based on all the data collected over my past 50 years, which simulates 99.9% similarity of the real physical Richard. This virtual avatar can work 24/7 or he can work with me in parallel in different scenarios (or different digital world). But think about one more thing, one year later, this virtual ID has a lot more interactions with other things and therefore create large amount of data, however, the interactions did not actually happen to the physically real Richard . Therefore, those metadata created or generated by the avatar is going to affect the real physical Richard. In this case, then the 51-year-old Richard would be represented by the data merged from both the physically real Richard and the virt UAL Richard ..

As I just mentioned, the importance of digital ID is self-evident. A further example of people, such as collecting all the data in life in the past 50 years to make a man-made virtual, there is no doubt that the appropriate AI algorithm has a similarity of 99.9%, this virtual Also owns his own digital ID, he can work 24 hours and 7 days while working in different scenarios (even at the same time in a few metocular scenes, parallel Yuan universe). Think about it, a year later, when this virtual ID interacts with more things, and actually I have not interacted with the corresponding things, the metadata generated or collected by the digital virtual identity will be Effective. In this case, I am 51 years old, I am consisting of virtual identity and actual this two-way data.

When referring to the digital data, we can think about many different ideas, which can create a lot of different business paradigms. Just as the example I have mentioned that I can use all the data to simulate 99% of the real Richard. While if You ONLY USE 1% of The Data, You Create a Partial you, That You Could Name as ‘Second Life’. Is IT Alright for ‘THE Second Life’ To ask for a Digital ID AS Well? of course! although this Digital ID IS Not Going to Be 100% The Same As The Original ID, It Doesn’t Matter, Because The Digital Id Is Not The Only Thing That Stands for All. You Can Have Sub Accounts Under A Digital ID, THROUGH Which You Got Partial Ids Which represent part of the whole id. Overall, IT is the data tris person, you can create a lot more intending.

Many creativity can be extended by virtual data and thereby created more business paradigms. As I just mentioned based on all the data in the past, a similarity of 99% Richard is virtual, and only 1% of data can also be partially created, which can be a second life. So does this second life need a digital ID? certainly! Although it does not reach 100% from the similarity of the original ID, it doesn’t matter because the digital ID is not the only way to know all the information. Under a digital ID, you can have a sub-account, which represents a part of the full ID, actually is actually true. It is the data behind. Thus, the ID can create more interesting things under this topic.

You may think the things I’m talking about are still quite far away, they might be something unachievable because of current regulations or conservative business models. However, things change quickly, and you need to believe people’s capability how to be innovation and creation. I believe you’re going to see the things I’m talking about very soon, saying, in 5 to 10 years. Nowadays, there are already a lot of protocols to address the digital ID issue, all the way from crypto wallet to SocialFi , GameFi applications as well as metaverse concept applications, for example you may found an ID in a gaming project. However, the idea is still not powerful, not diversified, and not versatile yet. nevertheless, using the concept of digital ID you can create a lot more differs.

You may think that the topics I have talked here are still far away, subject to various regulatory or business models, they don’t seem to be implemented. However, changes in the chance of changing, we believe in people’s creativity and a variety of whimsy, I believe that these changes will happen in the next 5 to 10 years. Nowadays, many protocols developed for digital IDs can now be seen from the encrypted wallet to various Socialfi, Gamefi, and the metamorphic concept can be seen in the application of the digital ID. For example, you can create a digital ID in a gaming project, but it is still not strong enough, not enough diversified and compatibility, we look forward to the business model of more interesting ID ideas.

Today, there have been a lot of crypto wallets using the digital ID, maybe you’ve heard about the public chains like Algorand, Solana and Dfinity, which all have some sort of digital IDs to carry the assets on the chains. Even Microsoft has the ID protocols to support applications. Also some US companies have defined digital ID protocols to help them manage their subsidiaries and reach those people who are unbanked or not even get a real ID, in case of being in some very poor countries. So the digital ID things have actually been used in some cases nowadays, at the meantime, using metadata to create or issue digital ID together with different business model is becoming more and more practical and crucial. Hopefully in the next 3 to 5 years you are going to see Some More Applications in this Way.

Many encrypted wallets have already used virtual IDs, such as livelings Algory, Solana, DFINITY to use digital ID to carry assets on the chain, and even Microsoft also have their own ID protocol to support some applications, some US companies have also used digital ID protocols Help them manage subsidiaries and cover users with no bank accounts from poor countries or even without personal IDs. Therefore, you can see that the digital ID has been used in today’s life. According to the metadata to create digital ID and new business model, we will see more such use in the next 3 to 5 years.

To summarize, digital ID is the infrastructure for all applications. It’s a big topic, and there are a lot more that can be evolution. Please think about it and try to explore more, think about the data itself in the digital world, it would Be Very fascinating.

In short, digital identity is the infrastructure of various applications, which is a big concept, including other content. Please think about and explore this topic, think about the significance of the data itself in the digital world, this will be a very charming proposition.

Create a tourist photography a kilogram system, lightweight, high quality, low price lens is the key _ lens _ what is worth buying

Creative position statement:Personal experience, welcome to discuss

cell phoneexistphotographyThe field impacts on the camera, even with a full set of cameras, daily shooting is more convenient. Tourism is a lot of application scenarios that cameras can be remembered, but people who are spoiled by mobile phones have become increasingly habitually, and they want the camera to be as light as possible.

Although the imaging quality of mobile phone photography is not enough to compete with the camera, it also improves people’s expectations for camera imaging. If it looks almost, why do you want to use a camera without a mobile phone?

So, light, high quality, low price, become three elements of tourism photography, the camera, the lens has become a determinant.

In the previous article, we introduced it.Sony2860 forceZeissThe SEL35F28Z is comparable to the 35mmf2.8 flag of 35mmf2.8 with Kangtai. This time we let it be compared with the Canon 50mmf1.8, and the comparison of the standard lens of 50mmf1.4, see if you can continue to achieve good results.

The standard lens as the name implies is the benchmark lens of aperture, volume, and price equalization. In general, zoom is difficult to account for inexpensive.

Moreover, standard zoom, especially the standard zoom, and the quality of the variable aperture, have always been ill. For example, the screen-frame standard zoom lens of Sonya 1650, the performance is terrible.

Let’s take a look at whether Sony 2860 will overcome standard fixed focus lenses.

The last routine test didn’t seem to make the lens a gap, this time, this time, the shooting target is upgraded, the test conditions are more extreme, and see if they can make them obvious.

As shown in the figure above, we selected 5 at the picture, collage together, and compare each other.

First look at the 50mm two lenses at 50mm and Kangtai, comparison under the F2.0 aperture.

Canon 50mm performance is more modern, the contrast is strong, the contrast is large, but the actual resolution is not 50mm in Kangtai, especially the imaging of the corner area, and the gap between Kangtai.

This should be related to the original positioning of the two lenses, and the Cantan time of Zeiss production is 50mmf1.4 at the time being a high-end header, and Canon 50MMF1.8 will emphasize practical and low. The two are three times more than the second-hand market price, but also fully demonstrate the difference in positioning.

On the F5.6 aperture, the three lenses finally gathered together.

The central quality Sony 2860 is slightly performed, whether it is the strongest parser or contrast, but the gap did not pull away. In Kangtai is still the most powerful, but this kind of ignor is easy to resolve by the later treatment, not a problem.

The front gap is surprising, and the Sony 2860 is very thorough, and the imaging is deteriorated.

Canon 50MMF1.8 has a serious false color, and there is a kind of theory that is fake color is a high resolution, but the lens is obviously more clear than Canon, but there is no fake color when Kangtai is more clear than Canon. How can this explain?

In short, the corner imaging quality is the best in Kangtai, some Canon is different, and the Sony 2860 is obvious. This should be designed, first ensuring the quality of the wide-angle end imaging, and sacrifices the telephoto end.

A variation occurs on the aperture F16.

Sony 2860 central quality is the worst, but the gap is not large. The edge picture quality has improved, the resolution is similar to Canon 50MMF1.8. The edge of Canon still has a significant impaired color, and the comprehensive quality Sony transcends Canon.

Here is a point in need to explain that Sony 2860 is the original lens, which is the privilege of enjoys the privilege.

Overall, Cottai 50mmf1.4 is preferably the best quality; Canon 50mmf1.8 corner is not very comfortable; Sony 2860 is significantly weaker than 35mm in 50mm, large-scale central quality, but corner angle Determination makes some unacceptable.

Yes, the value is also important for the lens.

In addition to the pleasing eye, high-quality value often represents better work, material, and even handling and color values ??have a certain relationship.

Six lenses in the above picture, from left to right, Zeiss SEL35F28Z, Canon 50mmf1.8, Condt hours 50mmf1.4, Kangtai time 35mmf2.8, Kangtai 28mmf2.8, Sony 2860.

To discuss the value, I personally think that Kangtai is 50mm maximum, Sony 2860 is the lowest.

What do you think? Welcome to comment.

The high level of 50mm in Kangtai mainly comes from two aspects. One is a 1.4 aperture brought big eyes, especially in T * coating, deep and seductive; the other is that the lens design is really good, to know Condhot The design is Porsche, and the aesthetic is still online.

The large-scale light is also greatly expanding the performance of the lens while bringing a good-looking big eye. The following three sets of comparison are very full.

Sony 2860 is 5.6 in 50mm, which leads to a lot of actual shooting gear, and there will be a lot of depth of field.

Canon 50mm maximum aperture is F1.8, more than F5.6, and the three-speed aperture change has a great influence on the picture, and it can be apparent from the above figure. This means that the performance of the lens is much better.

Kangtai time 50mm maximum aperture F1.4, and F1.4 has a significant improvement than F1.8, although there is not much scenery that truly use F1.4 aperture, but there is no need to use it There is no need.

Large aperture lens often imaging significantly "deterioration" during the maximum aperture, but deterioration is also a characteristic, and the use of utilization often makes more distinctive photos.

In short, in the session of the color, Sony 2860 is very miserable.

The value of the value is lost, and it can be found on weight.

Personally, as a tourist photography, the camera can be applied in the hand in the hand. Since the camera Sony A7R2 weight is 650 grams, the weight of the lens should not exceed 400 grams. Sony 2860 undoubtedly posses a huge advantage.

The picture above is the lens assembly hood.Transfer ringThe like, from left to right, 35mmf2.8 plug-in closer 35mmf2.8 plus ring weight 260.5 grams, Zeiss SEL35F28Z weight 150 grams, Canon 50MMF1.8 plus ring weight 300 grams, Kangtai time 50mmf1.4 weigh 365.5 grams, Kangtai At the time of 28 mmf2.8 weighing 374.6 grams, Sony 2860 weighing 194.3 grams.

It is important to know that Sony 2860 has a focal section from 28mm to 60mm, while less than 200 grams of weight, the advantage is very obvious. However, due to the lack of large apertures, it may not be the best tourist lens.

In view, the second-hand price of Sony 2860 is only one thousand, so it can be given to 100 points on both portable and low prices.

If the quality is only referring to the quality, Sony 2860 can get 80 points. If you take into account the aperture and workmanship, the quality score will drop to 60 points. Variable aperture buckle 10 points; a large proportional telescopic structure, as well as 10 points resulting in a lower value drop and structural hidden dangers.

The above three maps are the lens of three focus segments, and it is also seen in F2.8, can you obviously know how different?

If you can’t, or if you don’t care, congratulations, the zoom lens is very suitable for you.

If you can understand the difference in three photos, you should be more suitable for the fixed focus.

The perspective effect of different focal length lenses is different. Some people are sensitive to this, and some people don’t care about it. If you use a zoom lens to shoot a group of photos, and there are many focal lengths, then people who are sensitive to perspective often feel that this group of photos is very chaotic.

Conversely, use fixed-focus shooting, it will be more likely to give people a sense of harmony.

So the choice of the lens is finally necessary to determine the needs and habits of the individual itself.

Sony 2860 For me, there may be no big. The main reason is that I am driving the travel, if it is a backpack, it is mostly worth it.

In the end, all lenses are most in line with my personal needs, in fact, Zeiss SEL35F28Z. Plus the body is only 800 grams of weight, the imaging quality is not the best, but it can be accepted.

The only problem is that manual focus is not too convenient. There is only this lens, and Zeiss did not launch the corresponding lens on 28mm, 50mm equivore.

There are several lenses in Kangtai require a relatively huge transfer ring. If Zeiss can have a few manual lenses specifically for the unveiled system.

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From "Wonderful" to "remote consultation" 5G technology to make medical care unlimited

The hospital registration is slow, the floor is too much to find a way, the examination is waiting for a long time … Does these scenes have appeared when you see a doctor?

It can be seen that medical treatment is really a cumbersome and hard thing, but as the national policy is active, the 5G field is continuously promoted, people have quietly changed the medical model.

"5G + VR visiting "accomplish"Intimate contact"

A VR glasses, the family can "set up" ward, but also rotate the angle to observe the patient’s situation … This scene is not in the sci-fi movie, but in the medical school.

Family watching newborns through VR glasses

"This can reduce the risk of cross-infection, but also take care of our emotions of our families." Recently, "Enjoy" Shijiazhuang Citizen, who has just enjoyed this service, said, "The equipment is more convenient, it is indeed more and more Smart. "

In fact, "5G + VR" is a typical application scenario of "5G + MEC (Edge Calculation) Wisdom Medical" created by Medical University and Hebei Mobile. Since this year, Hebei Mobile actively implements the provincial communication management bureau to accelerate the 5G development work requirements, and continue to promote 5G innovation applications, from 5G medical robots to 5G hospital first aid, from "5G + VR" to 5G medical care to 5G remote surgery Teaching, 5G + MEC technology gradually embedded at all levels of medical schools, further enhancing patients’ experience and medical staff work efficiency, "5G + MEC smart medical", and also falling one by one.

5G ambulanceHave more super capability

Science and technology empowering first aid, means that the "emergency room" moved to ambulance.

A few days ago, the 5G ambulance used to use the newly put into use, showing the power of the power-free intervals remote life data transfer.

First aid car interior diagram

Inside the ambulance, the emergency transport monitor’s screen showed a relatively stable condition of the patient’s vital signs. Everything seems to have no change, in fact, hidden mystery. The 5G ambulance relative to the ordinary ambulance is equipped with 5G network.

According to reports, this ambulance installed 5G remote ultrasound system, with high-capacity, high-rate, low-delayed 5G network support, the hospital doctor can view real-time rescue on the ambulance through VR glasses, and interacts through real-time audio and video Doctors in the system and an ambulance remain contact. According to the calculation, the 5G ambulance saved 19 minutes more rescue than ordinary ambulances.

Floor grassroots, serving the people. Relying on cloud computing technology, hybrid cloud platform and 5G technology, 5G health emergency and smart medical innovation system have gradually constructed. The 5G ambulance is 5G urban emergency rescue system, which can realize the full process monitoring of the hospital resources and hospital activities. Including emergency vehicles management, first aid duty personnel management, vehicle and medical staff dispatching, emergency mission monitoring and guidance, adaissions, hospital first aid and internal treatment, etc.

5GRemote consultationAuthoritative expert"Face-to-face"

From "Wen Wen" to "remote consultation", 5G achieved unlimited possibilities in the smart medical field.

In the fight against the epidemic, the 5G + remote clinic built by China Mobile has played a huge role. Relying on 5G high-rate, low-delay, remote experts can conduct real-time consultations in patients and guide relevant treatment. Patients do not need to find a doctor for long-distance labor, but also avoid contact infection, and enjoy the high-quality famous medical resources without leaving home.

5G Medical Command Center

It is reported that 5G remote consultation refers to experts in many fields in the superior hospitals, with the grassroots hospital, to explore the patient’s condition through remote technical means, further improve and develop more targeted diagnosis and treatment. Relying on the remote consultation platform, realize the solution, doubt, difficulty, urgency, and heavy disease through remote consultation system across regional consultation, to truly reach the purpose of resource sharing, will effectively solve the uneven distribution of medical resources. Question, improve the treatment efficiency.

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5G distribution robot

In the background of 5G Wisdom Medical, how to use informationization, integrate high-quality medical resources, to achieve medical resources, improve grassroots medical service capabilities, is the key task of the development of medical and health care.


The 5G smart hospitals in the Medical Dampass + Tube + Clouds ", relying on the medical private network + network slices + data, it is not out of the hospital, and the 5G national benchmark hospital in front of the hospital former first aid, the hospital’s hospitality treatment, and medical services is built. . Through the end, tubes, Taiwan, Yun Fourth Floor architecture to ensure continuous data security and application, to create a smart medical system integrating province + city + county + township + village, construction coverage "Province – city – county – township – village" 5G Smart Medical Demonstration Network of Level Medical Institutions.

By 2025, Beijing construction has become the world’s major science center and innovative highland

(Our reporter Wang Xiaodong) Recently, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government released "Beijing" 14th Five-Year Times International Science and Technology Innovation Center Construction Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" planning "), by 2025, Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center Basically formed, construction has become the world’s major scientific centers and innovative highlands. It has made clear requirements in the fields of innovation drugs, vaccines, high-end medical devices, Chinese medicine, digital medical new technologies.

"Plan" in-depth analysis of domestic and foreign situation needs.

From international perspective, the world is experiencing a big change in a hundred years. Science and technology innovation is entering the era of scientific age, the development of science and technology has shown a "surge" phenomenon, quantum information, artificial intelligence, life science, etc., scientific research paradigms, have a profound change, and the complexity of research activities Strong improvement, the country became a major scientific and technological innovation. The integration of scientific research, production, and market conversion process, scientific research, production, and market conversion process, the rise of digital economy. The influence of new coronal pneumonia has a wide range of far-reaching, exacerbating the uncertainty of global situation, and more highlighting the new scientific and technological revolutionary chances and achieving high-level science and technology.

From the perspective of domestic, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to adhere to the core status of innovation in the overall situation of modernization in my country, and put technology from the strategic support of national development. Unblocked domestic international dual cycle, guarantee innovative chain, industrial chain, supply chain security and stability, realizing carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization goals, more requires scientific and technical solutions than ever, more need to enhance this first motivation.

In the new stage of development, the Party Central Committee clarified the strategic tasks of Beijing to form an international technology innovation center, the municipal party committee and the municipal government proposed a new engine for international technology innovation. Take a new year in the crisis, in the development of the New Bureau, actively explore the effective path of the capital high quality development in digital, networked, intelligent intelligence.

"Plan" pointed out the Beijing development foundation.

Since 2014, Beijing has insisted and strengthened the construction of "four centers", fully implementing innovative driving development strategy, the construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center has achieved remarkable results, in the "International Science and Technology Innovation Center Index 2021", fourth, showing The important window period that is the first to be completed by the International Science and Technology Innovation Center is turned on.

The comprehensive strength of science and technology innovation is significantly enhanced. The city’s research and development funding accounting for the regional production value is maintained at around 6%, ranking forward in international innovation cities. Support for autonomous explorations in the fields of mathematics, physics, life sciences, basic research investment proportion of 12.6% in 2014 to 15.9% in 2019. Accumulated National Science and Technology Awards account for about 30% of the country. Each 10,000 inventive patent ownership is 10 times that of the national average. Scientific research has won the world’s first in three consecutive years. A group of world-class major original results such as new gene editing technology and "Tianji" have emerged.

Science and technology innovation is significantly enhanced to Beijing high quality development support. Around the people’s lives and health, strengthen research and research, and achieve the international advanced level in the fields of molecular targeting drugs, immunotherapy drugs, contributing to the largest source innovation variety. New crown pneumonia vaccine development has always been at the international first echelon to contribute to the "Beijing Power".

The number of national major scientific and technological projects in Beijing, in the "13th Five-Year Plan", the number of projects and funds investment in the country ranked first in the country. Beijing In the 2021st Global Entrepreneur Ecosystem Index, the world is ranked third in the world, and two consecutive years ranked first in China.

"Planning" also pointed out the difficulties and insufficient difficulties. The original innovation ability needs to be enhanced, the top talent and the team are still lacking, the industrial development supports anti-tight technology innovation ability; global perspective planning and opening up innovation still needs further strengthening, marketization, rule of law, and international innovation environment; conducive to comprehensive Innovation’s basic system needs to be improved, scientific and technological management capabilities and governance levels still need further improvement.

"Plan" is clear, by 2025, Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center is basically formed, and it is the world’s major scientific centers and innovative highlands.

New progress in the construction of the "Science Center". Basic formation of strategic science and technology power systemization layouts, national key laboratories, comprehensive national science centers, new R & D institutions, and high-level colleges and campus, and scientific and technological leaders. The total social research and development fundamental accounting for the total specific gravity of the gross region is maintained at around 6%. Basic research discipline layout and R & D layout implementation, basic research funds account for about 17%, and strive to achieve important technical breakthroughs and leader in the core field, to effectively solve key "card neck" technology for effectively solving key fields Break through the source support. The number of highly scientists reached 210 people, and the top science and technology awards were significantly increased, and the number of world-class universities achieved double increase.

The Construction of "Innovation High Land" has achieved a new breakthrough. Global leading levels in front-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, quantum information, biotechnology, breaking through a group of "card neck" technology. The high-precision industry has continued to grow, high growth, and high potential in the future industry accelerated. The added value of high-tech industries exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan, and the average annual growth rate of digital economic added value was maintained at about 7.5%. Cultivating a group of science and technology leaders with global influence, the number of unicolored companies maintain the first world, the number of invisible champion companies has increased significantly. The main platform of "Sancheng District", Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone is significantly enhanced, basically forming radiation Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, driving the whole domain linkage development pattern. Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone has an average annual growth rate of about 8%, and the technical contract turnover exceeds 80 billion yuan.

"Innovative Ecology" creates a new achievement. Innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems continue to optimize, the level of intellectual property rights is greatly improved, the awareness of the whole society respects and protects intellectual property rights is significantly enhanced, and the risk investment / private equity investment (VC / PE) atmosphere is more strong, and the business environment is more convenient, internationalization Configuring resource capacity is significantly enhanced, and innovative elements such as talent, technology, capital and data are more smooth, and international science and technology cooperation has been strengthened to become an important node for global innovation networks. The scientific spirit is emphasized, and the spirit of scientists and the spirit of entrepreneurship have vigorously promoted. The number of R & D staff in the thousands of employed people reached around 260. The scientific quality of the whole people has remarkably improved, and the proportion of citizens has a scientific quality reaches about 28%. Science and technology management skills and governance levels continue to improve, restricting the obstacles of scientific and technological innovation.

By 2035, Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center has an innovative, competitiveness, and radiopaterials, and building a global talent. It realizes high-level science and technology self-improvement. .

"Plan" has a total of more than 30,000 words, divided into 13 parts, will clearly and clear the key areas of Beijing Construction International Science and Technology Innovation Center, the direction of research, innovative ecological construction, science and technology system, including biomedicine The field of life and health is one of the fields of development.

"Plan" points out that the construction of national laboratory system, active service area chain, vaccine, etc. National innovation platform in Beijing, accelerating the development advantage of engineering and technical scientific research.

Continue to build a world-class new research and development agency. Continuingly supports new R & D institutions that have been laying, optimize talents support policies, introduction, cultivate high-level talent talent team, encourage independent topics, introduce project managers, and strive for neuronal chips and two-way closed-loop machine interfaces, stem cell therapy and regeneration medicine The aspects have formed a number of major original results, planning to build a new batch of world-class new research and development agencies in the frontier technology field.

"Plan" emphasizes to support the original basic research. Continue to increase basic disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life science. Attachment of basic research advantages, deploying strategic front-edge fields such as quantum science, stem cell, brain, and cerebral research, actively serving "Science and Technology Innovation 2030-Major Project" and national key research and development plan in Beijing. Basic research on the demand of advantageous industries such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine.

Support to carry out biotechnology frontier technology research and development. In nucleic acid and protein detection, cell function and pathological state in body testing, new targets in body intervention technology, new antibody technology, gene editing, new cell therapy, stem cell and regenerative medicine, etc., have international leader Original found, establish a major epidemic, difficult to accurate diagnosis and breakthrough treatment methods. Supporting brain science and class research, enhancing my country’s cognitive principles analyzing the original innovation capability, brain chip, brain interface technology into international advanced ranks, brain major disease basic research. Progress. Promote immunological foundation and application research, and use important results of immunology to clinically. Enhance the prevention and control of emergency infectious diseases.

"Plan" specializes in accelerating new kinetic energy in various fields of medical and health.

Critical technical research and product development in innovation drugs, vaccines, high-end medical devices, Chinese medicine, digital medical new formats, etc. Innovative drug direction continues to strengthen the development of new mechanisms, new targets, new structures such as new antibody drugs, small molecules, cells and gene therapies, new targets, new structures, accelerated high-end preparations for major diseases, clinical shortage drugs, special populations R & D, establish new drug development and acceleration platform, focus on the research and development of clinical queue-based new targets, the research and development of original new drugs, improve drug research and development efficiency and success rate, support blood-free cell culture medium, commercial cell line, disposable biological reaction The development of key raw materials and process equipment such as bags. The vaccine direction accelerates the development of new vaccine techniques such as ribonucleic acid (mRNA), promotes the construction of protein vaccine, carrier vaccine, multivalent combined vaccine, and new vaccine adjuvants and other technological innovation and industrial system construction. High-end medical instruments support medical robots, high-end implanted consumables, neurological interventional equipment, etc., high-end medical equipment research and development; support for high-end instrumentation equipment development; accelerate medical equipment and precision scientific instruments, support performance, Development of Key Materials and Core Parts with High Medical Equipment. The Chinese medicine direction supports new and sudden infectious diseases, major difficult diseases, chronic diseases, and Chinese medicine new drug innovation research and development, continuously promote the classic cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine, promote digital and quantitative technology in traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and improve Chinese medicine clinical treatment level. The direction of digital medical and new technology is accelerating the development of medical and health industry and artificial intelligence, big data, 5G and other emerging development, support digital therapy products, artificial intelligence auxiliary diagnostic products and other technical research; play the strength of the capital’s clinical resources, promote research hospital construction Improve research-type ward clinical trial; support medical and health institutions use new technology new products (service) catalogs in new technology (service) catalogs to accelerate innovative product promotion applications.

"Plan" proposed, optimization improvement of key regional innovation patterns, radiation driving the national high quality development. Empowering the development opportunities such as biotechnology, life sciences, advanced energy, digital science, adhering to the concept of "researching future technology, development of future industries, gathering the future talent", strengthening things linkage, promoting "two valley one park" construction, accelerating the world Leading technology innovation highlands, collaborating in innovation, innovation, entrepreneurship demonstration city. "Life Valley" layout gene editing, brain science, artificial intelligence empowering drug research and development, etc. Cultivate biotechnology and beautiful health industry to create a "nuclear explosive point" in the development of medical health industry. Use the "two districts" policies to accelerate the construction of key platforms such as international research hospitals and Beijing vaccine inspection centers. Accelerate the three-phase construction of the Life Science Park to create a group of high level incubator and accelerators.

Improve innovative industrial cluster demonstration zone. Building a biological research and development and production platform, high-end preparation custom research and development (CDMO) platform, vaccine large-scale production base, cell and gene therapy research and development training base, mRNA vaccine technology platform and production base, etc., improve the innovation support of pharmaceutical health platform.

"Plan" requires the promotion of the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association. Deepen the special work of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei basic research, combined with the application scenario and resource advantage, play the research and development advantage in artificial intelligence, biomedical and other fields, support research and substantive cooperation in common key scientific issues, and promote the formation of basic research Policies, research, and good interactions in the resource level.

Adapt to the trend of scientific research paradigm, is one of the important contents of "planning", and proposes the construction of "China Million Slow Patient Group" big data platform. Carry out the "China Million Slow Patient Group Queue" baseline information collection. Study on early diagnosis and breakthrough treatment techniques for common diseases such as high-risk cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The R & D and Pilot Application of Auxiliary Diagnosis, Precision Treatment and Individual Health Management System Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology.

"Plan" will build a clear requirement for the construction of public health and safety scientific research. Strengthen the prevention and control of disease prevention and public health sector and strategic reserves. Building a national animal model technology innovation center, organizing interdisciplinary, cross-field scientific research teams, deepening scientific research, clinical, prevention and control, focusing on collaboration, overall testing agents, vaccines, antibodies, drugs, diagnosis and treatment plans, etc. Traverse the prospective basic research in public health sector.

Establish a technological rapid response system to respond to new sudden infectious diseases. Establish a cooperative sharing linkage mechanism of Beijing Higher Grade Biosafety Laboratory. Improve the new scientific and technological conditions platform for new sudden infectious disease network laboratories. Construction of national human disease animal model resource library and important experimental animal species guarantee base. For new sudden infectious diseases that threaten urban public safety, investment in viral traceability and monitoring and warning, drug, vaccine and medical equipment, and new research and development. Promote new technologies such as artificial intelligence and new products in the prevention and control of new and sudden infectious diseases and the treatment of new sudden infectious diseases in public places.

Promote the development of smart medical development. Focusing on the key links such as intelligent management, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, accelerate advanced technology and products such as voice-sounding, artificial intelligence auxiliary diagnosis and treatment. Accelerate the construction of Internet hospitals, introduction of artificial intelligence, 5G, block chains and other technologies, integrated online medical resources, promote the construction of medical information, realize information and resource sharing, expand health management, data operation, financial services and other value-added functions.

"Planning" proposes to build an open innovation and ecology, and go out to actively integrate into the new road of global innovation network. Promote international science and technology cooperation in health and health in the field of health and health fields with scientific and technological anti-vloise innovation achievements. International cooperation is strengthened around epidemic prevention and control, high-level pathogenic microbiology laboratory management operation, international clinical trial, vaccine drug promotion and application. Strengthen exchanges with foreign health policies in health policies and management, and promote pragmatic cooperation in the fields of new emergence and major infectious disease prevention, population aging, Chinese medicine, and brain science.

"Plan" emphasizes to build high quality open innovation environments. Promote the establishment of a national human genetic resource management Beijing service station in Beijing. Exploring the establishment of an inclusive prudent supervision mechanism that meets the characteristics of digital economic development, striving for industry supervision innovation pilots in intelligent transportation, Internet education, Internet medical, digital content, etc., continues to pay attention to cross-border emerging industries such as digital currency, gene editing, synthetic biology Domain system requirements. Explore the "Supervision Sandbox" system and provide an unlike error correction innovation environment.